Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shila's First Christmas

I know this blog might seem a little weird since it says "Shila's First Christmas and then you see pictures of our dog but she is like our child. 

When we woke up over the weekend and seen that it had snowed we couldn't wait to get dressed and get outside to see that she would do in the snow. I didn't think that she was going to like it because she hates to get in the grass when it is wet but she loved it. 

Books for Sale

So over the weekend I was going threw my bookshelf and I have a lot of books that I have bought but I have never read. I am wanting to sell them and re-buy them on my nook. 

This book are new except one(the last song). None of them have even been opened up to be looked at on the inside.

A lot of them are paper back and 3 of them are hard back. I dont want that much for them. If you are interested in any of them just let me know. If you want to bargain let me know too.

Fast Food Nation:$5.00
The Singing Fire:$5.00
Love Walked In:$7.00
The Secret Life of Bees:$7.00
Water for Elephants:$7.00
P.S. I Love You:$8.00
The Last Song:$3.00
Belong to Me:$10.00
Are You There, Vodka? Its Me, Chelsea.:$7.00
The Carrie Diaries:$10.00
L.A. Candy:$7.00