Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One Day of 127 Yard Sale

Hey Peeps! So every year I go on the 127 yard sale. If you have not heard of it then you are missing out and I'm shedding a tear for you. But luckily you have me to explain it to you. The 127 yard sale is a 675 mile yard sale on Highway 127 from Hudson, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama and it lasts for 4 days.

So lets recap a few things so I know that you got it, 675 MILE YARD SALE going through 5 STATES and it goes on for 4 DAYS. Since I live in Kentucky, I usually just stay in my general area. We left the house at 7am and returned to the house sometime after 6pm. You can check out more on www.127sale.com.

This year the yard sale was here before I knew it and because we have been remodeling and with the water heater exploding the weekend before I was only able to go for one day. But I found some great things and only spent $12.

This is the sink that I bought for ONLY $5. I was looking for an old farm sink but I had no luck finding one and every other sink I found they wanted $20-$50 and they were the stainless ones. When I came across this one I thought to myself this one is going to outrageous because it is cast iron but when she sale does $5 sound good I could only say SOLD.