Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kitchen Redo and Ideas

Finally after getting a new dining room table that I am proud of I noticed that I don't really like the kitchen and decided it was time for an upgrade. We don't have a lot of money to pour into the kitchen so we are going to do a little at a time, just in-case I change my mind on some things(which will probably happen). We are going to do everything ourselves with the help of my lovely parents. Here's a few pics ideas and inspiration. (I have been collecting these for a long time so I don't remember who to give credit to. If the pics are yours please let me know so I can give you credit.)

I originally wanted to paint the cabinets white but after seeing some blacks cabinets I change my mind. Then when it came to buy paint I couldn't do it so after weeks of going back and forth I decided on black. The pics above I decided to pull from each pic: 
The 1st-Yellow and blue are the colors and to have butcher block counter tops.
The 2nd- we have an U shaped kitchen with the dishwasher not beside the sink. We decided to break apart the U, move the dishwasher beside the sink and combine the leftover cabinets to make an island. The island will also have butcher block. 
The 3rd- I just really love the idea of having the island yellow and I love the counter stools. I don't know how well that will look with black cabinets. 
The 4th- The inspiration for the black cabinets.
The 5th- Love the detail added to the bottom of the cabinets and the idea of having the cabinets opened.