Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BFF's Wedding and Bridal Gown Shopping

My best friend is getting married in March so I got the lucky pleasure of going dressing shopping with her and her mom to get her wedding dress. 
 First one 

Second one 

Trying it with a blue ribbon

The headband
We had her try on a long one just so she would know thats not what she wanted and she didn't regret it later. After she tried it on she really loved it and then started second guessing herself.

These will be the bridesmaid dresses but in a light blue color. When I went to go try the dress on I was afraid they wouldn't have a size for me to try on but I am used to it. I have been doing weight watchers to lose weight for the wedding and for the summer and I really wasn't even sure what size I was so I just guessed a size. Come to find out the size fit and I had no problem getting it on and it fit very well. I have went down 2 dress sizes!! Also, please don't judge the awful hair and no make-up, I was sick and felt like death.