Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Crazy House

For the past few weeks our house has been a little(a lot) crazy. In the past 3 weeks we have been to 4 funerals. My sister-in-law's finace's grandfather, my husbands aunt and uncle, and my parents next door neighbor. One was of natural causes, 2 had cancer, and the other was pneumonia. Many tears later things are finely starting to settle back done. Well not really!! Spring is a skips away and we have a big list of this to do. This weekend we have three project's going on, were painting the living room, putting in the back-splash in the kitchen and making some raised beds for my fruit/veggie garden. That is only for this weekend. We have two pages and counting of things that we what to get done this spring and summer. Right now I am putting together a spring cleaning challenge. Hopefully, I should have that started by Monday and we can get our homes cleaned up just in time to enjoy the beautiful weather coming outdoors. So if your not following don't forget too, I don't want you to miss out.