Monday, March 28, 2011

Scenes from the Month of March

My onion plants that I started from seeds. Hopefully it will warm up soon so I can get my raised boxes fix up so my plants can go out.
Woke up and went over to get Shila up and this is how she was sleeping. Crazy lady!!!

What's makes a cold day better?? Turkey chili taco soup! Recipe coming soon.
Before we moved to Kentucky(hints the blue shirt), we lived in Tennessee(hints the Orange Shirt). My dad was born and raised there and we lived there for 12 years after my brother was born. My dad hates Kentucky(the teams not state) and doesn't like anything Kentucky in the house. So whenever Tennessee and Kentucky play we give my dad a hard time. The shirt I have on I found at the Goodwill and I had to buy it. I gave it to my dad for Christmas last year and didn't like it. I figure I would wear it instead.

Ashley and I at her wedding shower
Us girls for her bachelorette party
Brandon and I at Ashley and Steven's Wedding
Their beautiful wedding cake
My bridesmaid flowers and their programs 
The happy and married couple
My baby sleeping with her favorite toy