Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It has been awhile

Well it has been awhile since I have posted. I have been really busy with projects around the house, trying to get ready for the holidays. I have been remodeling the kitchen, we put down hardwood floors in the hall way on the 2nd floor, making a few Christmas gifts, hung the tv on the wall and made a new entertainment center. I still have a few more the finish-like painting the living room.

Are they any projects they you need to finish before the holidays?

We always go to my moms on Christmas day and do Christmas Eve with my husbands family. But this year we are having both families come to my house on Christmas Eve. Last year we did have Christmas Eve with just my husbands family and this year I thought we would kick it up. We played this game where everyone brings one gift and we put them in the middle of the room. Everyone picks a number. The person with #1 picks a gift 1st and opens it then the person with #2 can either pick a new gift or steal the 1st persons gift and so on and so on. The gift can only be stolen away 2 times after that it cant and at the end the 1st person can keep the gift they have or they can steal anyones. The game is a lot of fun if you have a lot of people we only had 7 so with both families we will have a lot more people. 

My Christmas Wish List:
  1. Sims 3 for PS3
  2. Movies: I am addicted to watch and buying movies. I used to buy a movie a week. My husband said I was buying to many movies and since I am doing weight watchers I get a movie as a reward for every 10 pounds I lose. Which is great motivation. But I figured I could get a punch for Christmas to help with my movie fix. lol

 Dream a Little Dream Poster "easy a movie poster"The Cove documentary movie poster eclipse movie poster
     3.Barnes and Noble Gift Card and Nook Accessories:My husband bought me a Nook for my birthday so I dont have to worry about asking for a lot of books. I am not to big on getting gift cards for Christmas but it would be hard to buy books on my Nook without me knowing. I need a light just so I can read in the car when we go on road trips and so I can read in the bed and not bother my husband.

   Their will probably be changes to the list later on. I am the type of person that is ok with just getting home made things or a few small things. I love Christmas because I get to buy people gifts. I love seeing the look on their faces when they open up their gift and they are shocked. I make my husband write a list just so I have some ideas to give my family to buy him. I usually never buy him anything that is on his Christmas list. I write down things that he tells me that he wants at the beginning of the year and I know that he is not going to remember. 

I got him an Ipod-something not on his list.
What a face!!!
Doesnt that just make it all worth it! If only I took a picture on the giddy smile on my face